Key Features

  • Authentic, low maintenance woodgrain foils

  • Flush design to replicate traditional joinery

  • Low maintenance finish for easy upkeep

  • Wide range of colours and accessories

  • Profiles that can achieve an A++ WER

  • Choice of double or triple glazing

Traditional Style, Modern Performance

The Residence Collection is dedicated to creating windows and doors that replicate the look of timber frames used in 19th century Britain. Although they offer traditional style, these products also reach current levels of efficiency, security and durability.

We install windows and doors from The Residence Collection in Worthing, Chichester, Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Lancing, Shoreham, Brighton, Findon, Ashington and West Sussex.

Classic Style From The Residence Collection

Windows and doors from The Residence Collection are renowned for their authentic, timber appearance. The frames are mechanically jointed. This method replicates the look of classic joinery. You can also choose to add a ‘drip-bar’ or decorative detailing to the frame. These elements further the authentic look.

Our range from The Residence Collection can also be finished in a variety of colours and foils. You can even choose textured, woodgrain options. These windows and doors are also designed to have a flush finish. This means the opening panel closes perfectly in line with the frame. The design creates a clean, classic look.

Modern Performance

When you choose windows and doors from The Residence Collection, you won’t have to compromise on style or performance. They offer traditional appearance, as well as modern levels of security, thermal efficiency and durability. With this stunning collection, you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Our selection of windows and doors from The Residence Collection are highly thermally efficient. The multi-chambered profile traps pockets of warm air that keep your home feeling comfortable. The windows and doors also use effective, multipoint locking. This keeps your home protected from any potential intruders.

Low Maintenance

Traditional timber windows and doors have famously needed demanding maintenance. In contrast, our range from The Residence Collection uses modern uPVC that needs nearly no upkeep! The frames won’t bow or warp over time. This means you don’t have to sand them down to stop the window or door from sticking.

Windows and doors from The Residence Collection are also not vulnerable to rotting, splintering or chipping. The long lasting coloured coating also won’t peel or flake like paint. This means that whatever finish you choose for your new addition won’t need to be repainted or varnished to keep it looking like new.

Customisable Design

We offer a wide variety of windows and doors from The Residence Collection. The Residence 9 range is best suited to period properties, offering a traditional look that is practically impossible to differentiate from wood. Their appearance is so authentic that these windows and doors have been used in conservation areas.

Despite their classic look, you are still able to tailor The Residence Collection windows and doors to reflect your style. We offer a wide range of colours, from Vintage Cream to Golden Oak. You can even choose a dual colour option. We also provide a selection of handles that you can choose from.

The Residence Collection Windows And Doors Prices, Worthing

Our windows and doors are high quality and affordable. Take advantage of our competitive prices with our online quoting engine. The process is easy, free and fast. Your price will also be tailored to your specific design!

If you would like any further information about our range from The Residence Collection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can fill in our online contact form or call us directly on 01903 217 494. Our team will be happy to help.

Why Choose Superior?

Conservatory Roofs Shoreham West Sussex

Stress Free Installation

Our expert team will fit windows and doors from The Residence Collection in a simple, efficient manner. They will work quickly and respectfully.

Conservatory Roofs Shoreham

Customer Focus

We are committed to satisfying our customers. Whether you are a homeowner or a business, you can benefit from our excellent service.

Conservatory Roofs Shoreham West Sussex

Impressive Guarantees

We are confident in the quality and lifespan of The Residence Collection range. However, if a fault develops, you are covered by our reliable guarantee.

Why Choose The Residence Collection?


Multi-Chambered Profile

Windows and doors from The Residence Collection have a multi-chambered profile. This traps warm air, creating a barrier that keeps heat in your home.


Maintenance Free Finish

Unlike timber alternatives, these windows and doors don’t need to be sanded, painted or varnished. They only need an occasional wipe!

double glazed windows, worthing

Traditional Appearance

The Residence Collection windows and doors authentically replicate the look of traditional timber frames. They can even be used in conservation areas!


Pilkington Obscured Glass Range

arctic glass
autumn glass
chantilly glass
charcoal sticks glass
Charcoal Sticks
contora glass
cotswold glass
digital glass
everglade glass
flemish glass
florielle glass
mayflower glass
minister glass
oak glass
pelerine glass
stippolyte glass
sycamore glass
taffeta glass
warwick glass
Bright Bronze
Bright Bronze
Bright Chrome
Bright Chrome
Satin Chrome
Satin Chrome
Antique Black
Antique Black
Bright Chrome
Bright Chrome
Antique Black
Antique Black
Bright Chrome
Bright Chrome
Antique Black
Antique Black

Standard Colour Range

white colour swatch
Chalk White
Grained White Colour Swatch
White Grain
grey colour Swatch
Painswick Colour Swatch
Clotted Cream Colour Swatch
Clotted Cream
Vintage Cream
Vintage Crean
Cotswold Biscuit Colour Swatch
Cotswold Biscuit
Cotswold Green
Cotswold Green
English Oak Colour Swatch
English Oak
Irish Oak Colour Swatch
Irish Oak
Golden Oak Colour Swatch
Golden Oak
Rosewood Colour Swatch
Silvered Oak Colour Swatch
Silvered Oak
Corse Lawn Colour Swatch
Corse Lawn
Eclectic Grey Colour Swatch
Eclectic Grey
Black Colour Swatch

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